ACUPUNCTURE- A miracle healing treatment


The Name of the Patient is Mr.Ishwar Chowdhury and while doing excercise in the Gym with weights his neck muscles  got strained about  2 years ago.  He took treatment and the pain  reduced considerably.

While playing cricket 7 days ago the pain again resurfaced with more vigor. He took X ray and the Doctor at the hospital told him to do physiotherapy and gave him pain killers and pain balm to apply. He could not get relief  and he approached me. While getting up from bed he feels excruciating pain. After 3 sessions of Acupressure and 1 session of Acupuncture he feels 30% relief in pain. He may need another 7 sessions so that 80% of the pain can be relieved. Complete rest is required for healing the neck  muscles.

Dr. M. S. Sriram, M.D (Acu)

Consultant in Acupuncture and Pain Management

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